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Dear colleagues,

The BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY (JBNC), the official journal of the Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery, is the oldest Neurosurgery journal in our country. It started in 1973 with the name of “Seara Médica Neurocirúrgica” and, since the beginning, it has been an extremely important information organ for Brazilian neurosurgeons.

Brazil is the country with the third largest number of neurosurgeons in the world. Despite this large number of colleagues working in the specialty, we still do not have any journal indexed in PubMedTM, which is considered the most important database for medical journals in the world.

For the qualification of periodicals in Brazil, the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) evaluates the Brazilian scientific journals, in relation to editorial and technical issues, assigning grades according to established standards (Qualis). The grades are assigned by Qualis range from “A” to “C”, and subdivided into A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, and C.

Our goals are: a) to maintain the high scientific level of the articles published in the JBNC; b) to maintain the periodicity of the 4 annual volumes; c) to index the JBNC in PubMedTM; and d) to raise the Qualis grade to the JBNC (currently B4).

To achieve these goals we need the help and support of as many colleagues as possible, by sending scientific papers (preferably original papers) and suggestions.

JBNC  Brazilian Journal of Neurosurgery

  •   ISSN (print version): 0103-5118
  •   e-ISSN (online version): 2446-6786


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